Who We Are

Rebel and Role was founded by Sarah Madisson in 2017.  For the last 14 years Sarah  has worked as an executive coach,  facilitator and consultant  working within large organisations supporting individuals and teams to do really impactful work.

During that time she has supported over 1000 leaders in over 34 countries.  And with close to 3000 hours of coaching conversations behind her, she has experienced  many leaders trying and fix new problems with old thinking and burn themselves out in the process.  She has always had a mission to support leaders to be more human, resourced and equipped at every level to be able to lead with real impact. So her work focusses on enabling leaders having to be even more courageous,  creative,  rebellious and purposeful in the way they lead.

Sprouting from a previous life as a professional musician and music teacher,  she also has an interest in the links between music and our emotions.  She has designed and run leadership and self awareness programmes using music as a vehicle for learning.

Previous and current clients include local authorities, FTSE 100 companies in retail, FMCGs, insurance, & banking. Also experience working with senior leadership teams within education and innovative start ups.