Welcome to Rebel & Role.

You are absolutely in the right place if  you are a leader or change maker and:

  • You have big aspirations to create big change in your business, your community, your country, our planet.
  • You want to create change that sticks.
  • You feel as though the rules of the game keep changing and you’re constantly fighting fires.
  • You really want your team, organisation, community, stakeholders to be engaged, energised and with you in your vision for change,  but sometimes struggle to bring them with you and keep them with you.
  • You give everything to your work and your vision but are not getting the results you want and you’re tired and frustrated.
  • It’s just no fun anymore.

That’s understandable. The environment we live and work in is changing. Rapidly.  Transition and change are the new norm.  These words, and others such as  ‘disruption’, ‘transformation’, ‘restructure’, ‘complexity’ are liberally peppered through our conversations these days.  And so you want to create change in a world that is constantly changing!

The rules of the game HAVE changed. So it makes sense that what got you here won’t get you there.   Especially as  ‘there’  is now a constantly moving platform that gets more ambigious and complex as time rolls on.

We live in different times which are requiring a different kind of leader. 

We  now need to lead and plan for a future that we cannot foresee. And to do this we need to be different.  We do not need to be more, but we do need to access more of what we already have as human beings.   But we still want to thrive in all of this right ? We still want to feel energised and resourced,  do great work, and deliver great results.

We are on a mission to help you as leaders shift the way you lead,  giving you the know how and courage to lead your people and organisation,  in this new norm.  Creating a place in which the business results and everyone in it thrives, not just survives the new world.

Imagine what would it be like if every everyone got what they wanted.  You were getting the right results, your people felt as though they were adding value and engaged about what they were doing.  Healthy happy business led and sustained by healthy happy people.

This is deeply serious stuff.  But I believe that we can work on the serious stuff and laugh out loud while we do it.

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